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Institute of Vehicle Engineering



The Institute of Vehicle Engineering has a faculty of 8, including 3 professors (1 Doctoral supervisor), 2 associate professors and 3 lecturers.
The Vehicle Engineering Institute focuses on the research and application in the field of vehicle engineering of cutting-edge science and interdiscipline’s new theory and new technology in the field of vehicle engineering technology. Many research achievements have been achieved in vehicle design, vehicle dynamics, vehicle electronic control technology, vehicle bus technology, reliability of vehicle components, vehicle structural safety, vehicle vibration noise, vehicle operating status monitoring and fault diagnosis. In the latest five years the institute has published over 300 high-level academic papers in domestic and international important academic conferences and has published over 10 books. It has been undertaking numbers of national and provincial funds and over 50 entrepreneurial research topics. More than 150 masters and 30 doctors as well as about 90 graduates have been trained per year on average since this institute was founded.
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