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Institute of Modern Design and Analysis


Institute of Modern Design and Analysis (IMDA) used to be called Teaching and Research Division of Mechanical Strength, established by Professor Hao Xu, a well-known expert on Mechanics all over China. Modern Design and Analysis belongs to the first-level discipline which is Mechanical Engineering. IMDA now has a faculty of 26 members, among which there are 4 professors (2 Doctoral Supervisors), 13 associate professors and 8 lecturers. The guiding discipline that IMDA holds are harmony, progress, reality and innovation.
The main research areas are structural integrity and system reliability, image processing and virtual design, integration and development research of manufacturing information and modeling, simulation and analysis of products, equipment testing and fault diagnosis,etc. In the recent three years, IMDA has undertook more than 100 scientific research projects, including 7 national level projects, 25 ministerial level projects and 10 military projects. The total scientific income amounts to 12.23 million Yuan. Over 170 academic papers have been published, among which 15 papers are indexed by SCI, 90 by EI and 10 by ISTP. IMDA has established a variety of cooperation with foreign colleges and universities from countries such as USA and Japan.
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