School Of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Northeastern University

Center of Mechanical Reliability and Dynamics Research


Mechanical reliability and dynamics research belongs to the second-level discipline which is mechanical design and theory. There are 5 teachers in the center, including one Changjiang Scholars Distinguished professor, one professor, one associate professor and two lecturers. Main research interest includes mechanical dynamic reliability design, mechanical dynamic & gradual coupling reliability design, gear engagement theory and mechanical dynamics analysis and Etc. Leading research projects include “863”, “973” , National Natural Science Foundation key and major projects of China, Key National Science & Technology Special Project on “High-Grade CNC Machine Tools and Basic Manufacturing Equipment”, Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team in University and so on. More than four hundred research papers among which more than 90 have been indexed by SCI and 300 by EI have been published in domestic and international prestigious journals. The Center has been awared the first prize of Liaoning Technology Progress, the second prize of Mechanical Industry Technology Progress, the second prize of Jilin Technology Progress, the third prize of Jilin Technology Progress, the first prize of Jilin Technology Progress, etc.
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